Rhode Island Red chicks

Posted by Hannes on 19 September 2010 | 1 Comments

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We had six little Rhode Island Red chicks born to the farm today. They hatched a bit early... or we had our expecting date wrong. At least they all made it safe and sound and healthy as we would want them to be. One can't help but try and hold them but the fiesty mother hen would not let you get near them. She has gone broody in the past and she is one of the best mother hens we've had. Solo was adopted by her previously - we never expected any hen to do that but apparently it does happen. As soon as we took Solo away from her to join our other youngsters, she started laying again and got broody in no time. This time she's got six little ones to raise. We do hope they all make it to adulthood so one day we could benefit with their eggs. Lets hope they all turn into good layers and at least make good mothers.

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  • Very cute... and I see there's a cheeky chick in the nest!!

    Posted by Mark, 20/09/2010 10:54am (8 years ago)

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