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African cherries, a new taste on the farm

Posted by Liz on 27 April 2011 | 0 Comments

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A new discovery... the African cherry (Eugenia). I had seen a strange (to me) red berry growing plentifully in a tree on the farm but never gave it much thought until Hannes disclosed in a matter-of-fact, everybody-knows-this sort of way that it was edible. All of a sudden it sounded much more interesting. Apparently African cherries could be used to make delicious jams. I decided to have a go.  I make a mean chutney so perhaps those skills would extend to jam-making... But first the cherries had to be collected and most of them were growing quite far from the ground. I set off with a basket and picked those I could reach but still they didn’t look very many. A ladder seemed a precarious option so after some thought I reversed my bakkie (pickup) to the tree and climbed on the back to pick the next tier of fruit. So the cherries were harvested but what to combine them with? Apple seemed a good choice and some spices. A final squeeze to a wine box yielded a good measure of red wine. Combined with some sugar, bubbled gently on the stove and wow the smell was amazing and result was better than I ever hoped! The colour was an amazing deep purple-red and the taste was really fruity and delicious.

African cherries (Eugenia)
Cherries and apples in the pan all ready to go

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