Hannes' super-fluffy breakfast omelette

Many people have complemented Hannes on his cooking skills and I think one of his greatest talents is taking a simple favourite and somehow adding a little bit of magic that makes it a superstar. One of my favourites is his fluffy breakfast omelette which is a great treat on a Sunday. In fact, he is in the kitchen making one right now... Often we walk the dogs first to work up a really big appetite. If we’re lucky enough to find wild porcini mushrooms while we’re out they go straight into the omelette pan as soon as we get back.

Our free-range laying hens produce eggs with bright yellow yolks and the most wonderful taste. They are always in demand for sale but we make sure to keep enough back for two special occasions, Friday night fried egg and chips and Sunday breakfast, and of course for guests in Merlin’s Cottage. Recently a dear friend grabbed Hannes' favourite omelette pan and ran off into the forest to chase away some over-friendly baboons. Banging it like a drum he soon succeeded in his mission but not before the pan was badly dented. Omelette-making ceased for a while but now a new pan has been bought and production has resumed much to my delight.

This omelette is simple enough that I have made it (although I should say not as good as the original).

INGREDIENTS (per person): 2 large free-range eggs, baking powder, a little water and your favourite fillings – sliced mushrooms, bacon, hard cheese, peppers, fresh herbs, whatever you like. I’ve left it vague here, the idea is to create a delicious mix of what you fancy at that particular moment.

First, prepare your filling. Heat a little olive oil in a small frying pan. Fry up any fillings that need cooking. Switch off the heat, return all the fillings to the pan and keep it handy. Grate cheese, chop herbs etc.

For the omelette, heat a little olive oil in a strong non-stick frying pan. Beat the eggs. Add 1 tablespoon of water for each egg (if your eggs are on the smaller side, reduce the amount of water a little). Beat the mixture again until it really foams up (two or three times original size and no large bubbles). Just before you are ready to cook the omelette, add half a teaspoon of baking powder and beat again briefly. Pour the egg mixture into the hot frying pan. As the omelette begins to cook use a spatula to pull the egg mixture away from the edge of the pan and distribute the remaining foam on top into the gaps at the edge of the pan. Keep doing this until most of the foam is gone. Switch off the heat. Add your fillings to the top of one half of the omelette only. Flip the other half over the fillings with a spatula. Tilt the pan, slip your beautiful creation onto a warm plate and enjoy!

We like to enjoy our omelettes outdoors at the garden table, watching the horses and enjoying the farm view. Wherever you eat yours, I know you’ll enjoy it too. Anyway must go, there is an omelette with my name on just sliding out of the pan..

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