Rainy day thoughts #1

Our farm depends entirely on rain for its water supply. Municipal pipes don't extend this far. Daily life depends on water for so many reasons. Apart from we humans our garden, veggies and animals all need a good share. Over the years we've developed our farm rainwater harvesting systems and capabilities to make the most of the limited rainfall. We have 40 000L tank capacity , a stone well to collect addtional roof run-off. and even an outdoor rainwater shower (great on hot days). Of course it can be stressful when there is no rain (who ever thought some-one from UK could write those words?!) especially when we have guests, but there are many benefits to 'pure' free water from the skies. Besides being natural, rainwater is usually soft, and the absence of the chemicals that make tap water safe for drinking means rainwater is a good choice for outdoor watering. It's a 'green' choice for the environment too, reducing strain on groundwater resources and helping protect local ecology, by preserving lakes and river­s to sustain fish, birds and other wildlife. And it's good to know that by harvesting rainwater we have more control over how our water is sourced, treated, and used. So even if you have municipal water supply, now might be a good time to consider collecting your own... these pages contain valuable and thought-provoking advice http://www.custommade.com/blog/rainwater-harvesting/ and http://home.howstuffworks.com/rain-barrel.htm

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